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Autism Awareness and Making Clubhouse Connections with April Roga

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April Roga

About April Roga

Up until age 42, April convinced herself she was “less than”. First, because of the toxic relationship with her mom and THEN because she believed she was an inadequate mom to her nonverbal, autistic child. That was until she discovered she was April 2.0 after just 42 days of investing (not spending) time with her friend and mentor (and now husband), Roy. Having mostly overcome the difficult issues in her life, she is now April 2.0, the new and transformed version of herself. Because of her trials and breakthroughs, she is now in love with drawing out the dormant inner lioness within women and moms everywhere. By sharing transformational one-liners and teaching both the mechanical and mindset sides of live streaming, she helps women go from feeling inferior to owning their confidence. Once they are empowered, April connects them with their divine connections through her Netfriending® People Search Engine. 

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 01:20 Welcome April Roga

01:20 – 06:05 Autism Acceptance Month

06:05 – 07:00 Welcome to the Marketing Expedition Podcast

07:00 – 08:07 About April

08:07 – 09:02 Autism Awareness Month

09:02 – 11:34 April’s amazing son

12:24 – 15:21 Building the dream

15:21 – 16:17 Clubhouse

16:17 – 17:32 Having a child with autism

18:52 – 20:58 Building a community

20:58 – 22:12 Every child with autism is different

22:12 – 24:25 Tidbits of advice

24:25 – 29:23 Supporting Autism Acceptance Month

29:23 – 34:33 Brands supporting autism acceptance

34:33 – 37:36 More about April!

37:36 – 39:14 April’s biggest accomplishments

39:14 – 40:00 Thank you, April

40:00 – 43:20 How to get ahold of April Roga

43:20 – 44:04 Thank you, April

44:17 – 44:51

Links to resources mentioned in this episode

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