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Hard Work and Building Relationships with Stephanie Worrell

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Stephanie Worrell

About Stephanie Worrell

Stephanie Worrell is the co-owner of From High Tide; a multi-channel consultancy firm dedicated to helping 1M women start their own businesses. An accomplished entrepreneur, business coach, and marketing professional, Stephanie is passionate about sharing her knowledge with aspiring entrepreneurs. She has personally guided and actively coached 200+ individuals through the journey of starting a new business, from overcoming fears to creating a business plan. Over the past decade, Stephanie has started and owned four companies and sold two. She is also a popular teacher at Boston University’s College of Communications, where she is committed to inspiring young people to follow their professional and personal dreams. 

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 00:35 Overview of Stephanie Worrell and today’s podcast topic

00:35 – 01:31 for $30 off or $10 off your first three orders at DoorDash

01:31 – 03:44 Marketing Nugget of the Week

03:44 – 04:04 Welcome to the Marketing Expedition Podcast

04:04 – 08:01 Welcome Stephanie

08:01 – 15:09 Stephanie discusses what she does as a PR professional

15:09 – 25:56 Stephanie talks about her background and what’s next

25:56 – 30:56 Hear what Stephanie is currently reading and listening to

30:56 – 34:51 Stephanie shares a big goal of hers

34:51 – 39:37 Mentors who’ve inspired Stephanie along the way

39:37 – 44:06 The importance of hard work and building relationships

44:06 – 45:45 Last minute marketing tips from Stephanie

45:45 – 46:17 Huge thanks to Stephanie for sharing her story and marketing wisdom

46:17 – 46:32 Thanks for listening, find more podcasts online at

46:32 – 47:03 Check out to build relationships with others and find the latest marketing trends

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