The Marketing Plan System

After completing this course you will walk away with a complete marketing strategy and plan to help you build your brand and your bottom line.


What You’ll Get

  • You will have a fresh Branding Essence Statement
  • A 30-second elevator pitch
  • You’ll uncover and refine your unique selling proposition
  • Create a solid tagline and messaging for your target audience
  • Create an Empathy Map. You’ll empathize with and have a deeper understanding of who exactly your primary target audience is, along with your secondary and tertiary targets
  • You’ll build personas or avatars and capture their narrative around why they buy from your brand.
  • You’ll discover how to survey and what you can ask your audience to gain further insights, information and inspiration to fuel your strategy and plan.
  • You will perform a SWOT analysis and gain a deeper understanding of your marketshare and industry
  • You will learn about various marketing channels, platforms, tactics, tools and techniques you can use to help you in your marketing journey.
  • You will determine what your Customer Acquisition Cost and Lifetime Values are (or will be)
  • You will create a budget, with estimated ad spend
  • You’ll create a timeline, with a content calendar
  • S.M.A.R.T.E.R goals with KPIs (Kept Promise Indicators) and discover how best to track your marketing efforts to understand what to stop, start and keep doing and why.
  • You will create a division of duties with descriptions and create an implementation guide to help make key decisions on where you will need additional outsourced help to accomplish your plan based on your time, talent, and/or treasure.

Are you ready?