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Master Your Networking in a Day with Christopher Kai and Shelly Yorgesen

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Christopher Kai

About Christopher Kai

How did a little farm girl named Shelly grow up to create a global online community with 6,500 entrepreneurs in one year?

What network did a little 6-year-old city boy named Christopher grow up to create that would attract billionaire Elon Musk and catapult him to become a Fortune 100 global speaker—what he calls next-level networking?

If you are struggling to find consistent clients, unsure how to secure premium fees, and want to exponentially grow your business online, join Shelly and Christopher as they teach you practical, strategic, and simple ways you can master networking to start or scale your business.

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

0:00 – 3:16 Christopher and Shelly’s bio

3:16 – 3:52 Peppershock offer

3:52 – 7:33 Marketing Essentials

7:33 – 7:53 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast

7:53 – 8:30 Welcome Christopher and Shelly

8:30 – 15:35 How Christopher and Shelly met

15:35 – 21:30 What to expect from Master Networking in a Day

21:30 – 23:12

23:12 – 24:37 Consider attending Master
Networking in a Day

24:37 – 25:45 Worst characteristic that has served them well

25:45 – 29:19 What they wish they knew back then

29:19 – 29:52 Thank you, Christopher and Shelly

29:52 – 30:10 Thanks for listening

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