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Applying Disruptive Strategies in Your Industry with Branden Lark

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Branden Lark

About Branden Lark

Branden Lark is an entrepreneur who’s well versed in the business development and social branding space. After co-founding ExtraOrdinary Concierge, a corporate and personal lifestyle management company used by entertainers and sports teams, Lark started handling personal branding freelance for business and television personalities.

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 00:30 Introducing Branden Lark

00:30 – 03:24 Marketing Essentials Moment of the Week

03:24 – 04:40 for $10 off your first order of Misfit Market

04:40 – 04:57 Welcome to the Marketing Expedition Podcast

04:57 – 12:49 Branden’s background

12:49 – 19:17 How Branden helps others in their Journey and resources he uses

19:17 – 24:25 Branden shares important marketing trends to focus on

24:25 – 29:00 People who have motivated, inspired and helped Branden on his journey

29:00 – 32:52 Rhea and Branden discuss Clubhouse, Netflix and quarantine pastime Ideas

32:52 – 36:06 Applying disruptive strategies in your industry

36:06 – 38:10 Branden discusses his work

38:10 – 46:43 Tips and tricks for other agency owners and the importance of learning from others

46:43 – 47:20 Branden defines what success looks like for him

47:20 – 48:41 Advice for someone wanting to get into marketing

48:41 – 49:48 How to get ahold of Branden

49:48 – 50:40 Huge thanks to Branden for sharing his marketing and agency wisdom

50:40 – 50:55 Thanks for listening, find more podcasts online

50:55 – 51:26 Check out to build relationships with others and find the latest marketing trends

Links to resources mentioned in this episode

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