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Healthcare Doesn’t Have to be Hard with Dr. Julie Gunther

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Dr. Julie Gunther

About Dr. Julie Gunther

Dr. Julie Gunther is a dual-Board Certified Family Physician who loves being a doctor. She founded sparkMD in 2013 to take back her relationship with her patients and to empower herself to be the doctor she set out to be.

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

0:00 – 2:08 Overview of Dr. Julie Gunther, SparkMD and Today’s Podcast Topic

2:08 – 3:00 for $5 off First Gift Card Purchase from the Raise App

3:00 – 4:19 Marketing Essentials Moment: Double Down on Digital

4:19 – 4:35 Welcome to the Marketing Expedition Podcast

4:35 – 7:52 Welcome Dr. Julie Gunther

7:52 – 15:46 History behind SparkMD

15:46 – 21:48 So what is Direct Primary Care and How does it Differ from Monthly Insurance Costs?

21:48 – 26:49 The Marketing Side of SparkMD

28:05 – 30:53 Business and Marketing Goals for SparkMD

30:53 – 35:48 The Steps in Growing a Small Business

35:48 – 38:46 Dr. Gunther Discusses her Passions and her Teachings

38:46 – 40:22 Benefits of SparkMD’s Business Model

40:22 – 44:13 Julie’s Message to Employers: Healthcare Doesn’t Have to be Hard

44:13 – 45:03 Direct Care and How it’s Launching Throughout the US

45:03 – 46:12 Dr. Gunther’s Discusses her Book: “Sparks Starts Fires” now being Sold on Amazon

46:12 – 47:11 What Julie’s Working on Now and her Plans for the Future

47:11 – 47:32 Advice for Entrepreneurs and Business Starters

47:32 – 49:09 Thanks to Dr. Julie Gunther and Support her New Book: “Sparks Starts Fires”

49:09 – 49:33 Thanks for Listening, Find more Podcasts Online

49:33 – 50:04 Check out to Build Relationships with Others and Find the Latest Marketing Trends

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