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Discussing Podcast Marketing with Christopher Hines

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Christopher Hines

About Christopher Hines

Christopher Hines is the host of Podcasting is Branding and the top podcast expert for businesses and personal brands. Since 2015 he’s been hosting, producing, and managing podcasts. Now Chris owns the Elite Podcast Marketing Agency, where podcasters go to learn more and monetize their content. As a podcast producer and manager, Chris has generated over $20k through sponsorships and over 50,000 downloads on multiple podcasts. Also known as Coach Chris, he speaks around the world to business owners and companies about hosting their own podcasts. He’s been at Podfest, Podcast Movement, and several other events.

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 00:13 Rhea Allen welcomes you to The Marketing Expedition Podcast

00:19 – 02:09 Welcome Christopher Hines

02:09 – 03:03 How Chris started his very own Podcast

03:03 – 04:32 Best Advice for Starting a Podcast

04:32 – 05:12 Sponsorships + Relationships

05:12 – 06:54 Podcast Audits!

06:54 – 08:24 Best New Podcasts

08:24 – 09:17 Chris Hines Mentor

09:17 – 10:24

10:24 – 12:39 Tips and Tools

12:39 – 13:53 Consistency is Key

13:53 – 15:52 The Future of Podcasting

15:52 – 19:47 Best Podcasting Platform

19:47 – 24:21 Getting more Podcast Listeners

24:21 – 26:00 Chris’ Goals

26:00 – 30:27 Engagement Time

30:27 – 34:11 How to get ahold of Chris:

34:11 – 34:32 See you next time and for more

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