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Kevin Smith

About Kevin Smith

As founder and managing partner at SmashBrand, Kevin Smith helps brands stand out and capture more market share. After launching, growing, and successfully exiting several of his own globally distributed CPG brands, with combined revenues over $40mm, Kevin discovered his true passion for brand strategy and creative direction. Through SmashBrand, he has worked with clients such as Kraft Heinz, Duracell, 7-Eleven, and PayPal to provide innovative ideas to challenges in packaging design, brand strategy, branding, and consumer testing. Having had to compete in retail with his own money at an early age made a powerful difference in Kevin’s understanding of all that’s at stake for brand owners. He works with company owners and CMOs that understand the strategic vision of the brand—and the future that extends beyond a single project.

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 00:20 Welcome to The Marketing Expedition Podcast

00:20 – 03:00 Introducing Kevin Smith

03:00 – 04:20 Boise, ID, and Cradlepoint

04:20 – 06:15 Background to working with Cradlepoint

06:15 – 07:43 Real Stories Using Cradlepoint Technology

07:43 – 12:45 Kevin’s Background

12:45 – 13:50 Curation Foods Story for packaged guacamole

13:50 – 18:31 Process for Projecting Data Sets: EX Packaged Guacamole

18:31 – 19:23 Ideal Clients: Midlevel Companies

19:23 – 20:16 Marketing Smashbrand

20:16 – 21:18 New Software and Platform for Agency’s

21:18 – 23:10 Kevin’s Inspiration: His Dad & Business of Expertise by David Baker

23:10 – 24:27 Differentiation

24:27 – 25:25 Being an Entrepreneur

25:25 – 28:00 Success Story of Kevin’s: GFuel

28:00 – 32:03 Influencer Marketing and the Jayden DeLuca Foundation

32:03 – 34:04 Words of Wisdom from Kevin

34:04 – 34:46 How to Work with Smashbrand www.smashbrand.com

34:46 – 35:39 Closing: Find more at Themarketingexpedition.com

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