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Wealth Management During COVID19 with Stuart Enterline

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Stuart Enterline

About Stuart Enterline

Stuart Enterline is a Wealth Advisor at Lefavi Wealth Management. He attended Pennsylvania State University where he earned three degrees in Finance, Accounting, and Economics, with a concentration in Statistics. Stuart holds Series 7 and Series 66 licenses and is actively engaged in researching financial markets and the economy. He is also working toward obtaining the prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst designation, one of the most difficult designations one can earn, in any industry. Stuart passed Level I and Level II on his first attempt and is currently studying for Level III. Originally from Erie, Pennsylvania Stuart is currently a resident of downtown Salt Lake City. He enjoys reading, playing sports, skiing, and sailing.

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 00:36 Introduction and Welcome to The Marketing Expedition Podcast

00:36 – 03:19 Welcome Stewart Enterline

03:19 – 08:55 Day to Day Operations

08:55 – 12:02 How Things Have Changed in the Business World

12:02 – 14:09 Knowing Incentives

14:09 – 23:03 Success Stories

23:03 – 24:36 Marketing Strategies

24:36 – 29:25 The Ideal Client

29:25 – 34:32 What to Look for in a Wealth Management Company

34:32 – 36:00 How to Obtain Clients

36:00 – 39:13 Accomplishments

39:13 – 40:21 Closing Statements and be sure to check out

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