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Ethical UnSelling with Tiji Thomas

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Tiji Thomas

About Tiji Thomas

Tiji Thomas is a Client Conversion Coach and a 7-Figure Sales Expert. Tiji helps coaches and consultants get maximum results with their organic and paid marketing efforts, by showing how to get more clients from consultations and strategy calls. He has personally produced over a half-billion dollars in sales using his “UnSelling System”. He loves serving people who love to serve others, and enjoys teaching how to get more clients using his integrity-based sales approach! Tiji has been happily married for 23 years and has two amazing children.

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 01:09 Introduction

01:09 – 01:50 Welcome Tiji Thomas

01:50 – 03:06 Unselling

03:06 – 04:30 Coaching and Sales

04:30 – 07:12 Career Path

07:12 – 10:12 Helping Others

10:12 – 12:58 Utilizing Services

12:58 – 17:02 What is a Coach

17:02 – 22:59 Goals for Post COVID

22:59 – 27:03 Marketing your Business

27:03 – 29:51 Make sure to check out

29:51 – 30:32 Closing Statements

30:32 – 31:58 Visit

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