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Marketing and Branding in Higher Education with Nikki Koontz

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Nikki Koontz

About Nikki Koontz

Nikki Koontz is the Executive Director of Marketing Communication for Southern Utah University. She is responsible for building, maintaining, and protecting SUU’s reputation and brand strategy. She has experience in public relations, crisis management, recruitment, advertising, video production, social media, and content development. Nikki was the Media and PR Manager for the Utah Shakespeare Festival for more than four years. She’s been an adjunct professor for the SUU Arts Administration program since 2014 and teaches courses on marketing, digital strategy, and event planning. She was a Hilberry Theatre Fellowship recipient and earned her MFA in Theatre Management at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. She holds a BA in Theatre from California State University, Fullerton.


Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 01:38 Introduction

01:38 – 05:12 Welcome Nikki Koontz

05:12 – 06:13 Shakespeare Festival

06:13 – 08:09 University Programs

08:09 – 10:46 Campus and Student Life

10:46 – 13:23 Marketing on a Daily Basis

13:23 – 17:48 Marketing Goals for the University

17:48 – 23:00 The Five R’s

23:00 – 25:46 Keeping Students Engaged

25:46 – 26:32 Marketing Classes

26:32 – 28:59 Marketing – Seth Godin

28:59 – 29:37 Closing Statements

29:37 – 30:52 Check out

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