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Learning to Walk Again with Gina Gardiner

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Gina Gardiner

About Gina Gardiner

We are privileged to have international best-selling author and motivational speaker Gina Gardiner as this week’s guest. Gina is an empowerment and relationship coach and a transformational leadership trainer with over 30 years of expertise helping people experience happiness, success, and fulfillment. She’s the founder of Thrive Together Tribe Membership and the Personal and Spiritual Development Program. Gina has worked with countless individuals, couples, teams, and organizations, helping them to step into their potential, to learn the lessons from the past, and to recognize that there is a choice to step into their power and live a fearless life.

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

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00:29 – 01:00 Welcome your host, Rhea Allen

01:03 – 02:28 Welcome Gina Gardiner

02:37 – 04:59 Learning to walk again

04:59 – 05:30 Early life in the UK

05:30 – 06:29 Managing Emotions

06:29 – 08:34 The Keys to Leadership

08:34 – 09:24 Increasing Productivity, Profitability, and Culture

09:24 – 11:29 Starting her own company, Genuinely You

11:29 – 13:29 The Importance of Word Of Mouth

13:29 – 15:48 The Ideal Client

15:48 – 18:00 The Power of Testimonials

18:00 – 23:51 How to Grow Your Brand

23:51 – 25:07 How to Better Your Public Speaking Skills

25:07 – 25:50 It’s all about the Content

25:50 – 28:21 The Impact of Technology

28:21 – 31:03 Where do you see yourself in 5 years

31:03 – 31:58 How to get ahold of Gina Gardiner!

31:58 – 32:43 Thank You

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