Increasing Your Sales in Good & Bad Economic Times with Terry Hansen

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Terry Hansen

About Terry Hansen

We are excited to have Terry Hansen, President of The Hansen Group Company, a sales performance improvement firm, as this week’s guest. Terry trains business owners and their sales teams on how to increase sales in good and bad economic times.

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 00:34 Join The Marketing Expedition

00:34 – 00:55 Your Host, Rhea Allen

00:55 – 02:50 Special Guest Terry Hansen

02:50 – 05:09 Cold Calling

05:09 – 07:46 The Ideal Client

07:46 – 08:27 Sales Training

08:27 – 11:20 Getting New Business in the Door

11:20 – 15:12 Influencer Marketing vs. Affiliate Marketing

15:12 – 20:20 Terrys Master Class

20:20 – 22:23 3 Tips for Succeeding Without Money

22:23 – 26:50 Mentors

26:50 – 29:40 Terry’s FREE Master Class! hansenuniversity.com/bigquestion1

29:40 – 34:16 Where does Terry see Himself in 5 Years

34:16 – 35:05 Thank You, Terry Hansen

35:05 – 35:13 Join The Marketing Expedition


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