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Allyns Melendez

About Allyns Melendez

Allyns Melendez serves as CEO at HR Transformed and COO at a national public relations firm. She has 25 years of human resources and business management experience and helps businesses understand the necessary tactics that will help develop, train, educate, and motivate their employees.

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 00:10 “Culture is, like I said, signal strength. The signal strength of these people create the culture, whether it’s a weak signal or a strong signal. All those signals together is your culture.” — Allyns Melendez

00:11 – 00:29 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast

00:30 – 02:11 Allyns’ Background

02:12 – 08:15 Marketing Essentials Moment: When to Hire an Agency

08:16 – 10:02 Welcome to the show, Allyns!

10:03 – 12:01 Transformative Purpose in HR

12:02 – 17:08 Identifying Signal Strengths in Organizations

17:09 – 21:41 Performance Management and Communication Styles

21:42 – 29:09 Employee Feedback and Retention

29:10 – 30:00 Awesome, affordable outfits that are delivered to your doorstep each month. Get $10 credit and free shipping on your first order. Sign up for Nadine West.

30:01 – 35:41 Predictive Analytics for Turnover

35:42 – 41:17 Implementing a Four-Day Workweek

41:18 – 44:13 Employee Motivation and Role Elevation

44:14 – 48:36 HR Trends and Public Conversations

48:37 – 51:06 Encouraging Interest in HR

51:07 – 51:59 Visit HR Transformed

52:00 – 52:55 Thank you so much, Allyns! Share this podcast, give us a review, and enjoy your marketing journey!

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