Using AI and Data to Level Up Your Marketing Strategy with Carolyn Bao

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Carolyn Bao

About Carolyn Bao

Carolyn Bao, VP of Marketing at AppsFlyer, is a business executive specializing in revenue-driving go-to-market strategy, data-driven business innovation, and building high-performing marketing teams with 10x measurable business impact.

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 00:19 “Creativity in marketing is becoming much more of a science where, because of the massive amount of data that marketers have at our disposal and the tools that allow us to really make sense out of that data in a much faster way when we deliver a story, it is pretty well thought through, backed by data.” — Carolyn Bao

00:20 – 00:39 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast

00:40 – 01:50 Carolyn’s Background

01:51 – 14:42 Marketing Essentials Moment: Sentiment Scoring

14:43 – 18:16 Welcome to the show, Carolyn!

18:17 – 23:17 Embracing Data-Driven Creativity in Mobile Marketing

23:18 – 28:20 Data Collaboration Unblocks Internal Teams

28:21 – 31:22 AI Enhances Ad Performance Analysis

31:23 – 35:49 Empowering Paid Media Managers with Learning Agendas

35:50 – 36:38 Kitcaster is your secret weapon in podcasting for business. Your audience is waiting to hear from you! Apply for a special offer for friends of this podcast.

36:39 – 39:56 AppsFlyer’s AI-Powered Solutions for Actionable Insights

39:57 – 42:28 AI-Powered Anomaly Detection for Business Data

42:29 – 46:48 Staying Informed in the Business World

46:49 – 53:01 Unblocking a Complex Product Launch

53:02 – 57:11 Embracing AI for Marketers

57:12 – 57:36 Reach out to Carolyn

57:37 – 58:10 Thank you so much, Carolyn! Share this podcast, give us a review, and enjoy your marketing journey!

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