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How to Stop Wasting Money on Dumb Marketing Stuff with Matt Banker

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Matt Banker

About Matt Banker

Matt Banker, founder of Banker Creative and Benchmark Growth, joins us to share his journey from a background in fine arts to becoming a marketing expert. He talks about his frustration with the traditional content creation process for websites and how discovering the Story Brand Framework revolutionized his approach. Matt emphasizes the importance of clarity in marketing and how his art critique experience in college has influenced his current work.

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 00:21 “I’ve become a really big believer in having a really narrow focus for myself as a business owner in the marketing space, but also for my clients, especially my accounting firm clients. When they have a really narrow focus, that’s great. But the biggest fear in a lot of these cases is how do we narrow our focus without losing our current business?” — Matt Banker

00:22 – 00:40 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast

00:41 – 01:53 Matt’s Background

01:54 – 12:06 Marketing Essentials Moment: What is a stretch goal?

12:07 – 14:45 Welcome to the show, Matt!

14:46 – 18:23 Narrowing Focus in Marketing Services

18:24 – 20:04 Creativity in Art and Marketing

20:05 – 21:07 Defining a True Niche

21:08 – 25:50 Marketing and Building Relationships through Podcasting

25:51 – 27:09 The Impact of Podcasting

27:10 – 31:37 Story Brand Framework

31:38 – 34:14 The Importance of Clarity in Marketing

34:15 – 40:10 The Value of Mentorship

40:11 – 45:18 The Challenges for Young Marketers

45:19 – 46:15 Visit Banker Creative

46:16 – 46:44 Thank you so much, Matt! Share this podcast, give us a review, and enjoy your marketing journey!

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203 - How to Stop Wasting Money on Dumb Marketing Stuff with Matt Banker
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