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Branding 101: Creating a Successful University Marketing Campaign with David Johnston

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David Johnston

About David Johnston

David Johnston is the Associate Vice President for Alumni and Constituent Engagement at Boise State University. He leads the alumni annual giving marketing and communications teams within the university advancement.

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 00:18 “Those opportunities for student involvement, those pay dividends down the road. Not only are students building great memories and having great experiences, but we know from a marketing perspective, we know that students who are involved on campus are more likely to stay involved as alumni and want to give back down the road.” — David Johnston

00:19 – 00:36 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast

00:37 – 02:24 David’s Background

02:25 – 14:53 Marketing Essentials Moment: Educational Marketing

14:54 – 16:25 David, Welcome to the show!

16:26 – 18:18 Member of Distinguished Alumni

18:19 – 25:25 Alumni Association

25:26 – 31:43 Boise State’s “Unbridled” Campaign

31:44 – 36:50 Boise State’s Three Priorities

36:51 – 44:06 Athletics Engagement

44:07 – 46:30 Role of Volunteers

46:31 – 47:20 Kitcaster is your secret weapon in podcasting for business. Your audience is waiting to hear from you! Apply for a special offer for friends of this podcast.

47:21 – 48:59 Be a Part of The Campaign for Boise State

49:00 – 54:34 Alumni Engagement Survey

54:35 – 1:02:03 Increasing Alumni Engagements

1:02:04 – 1:04:05 The Five R’s

1:04:06 – 1:07:57 Boise State’s Strong Brand

1:07:58 – 1:08:46 Thank you so much, David! Share this podcast, give us a review, and enjoy your marketing journey!

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