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Analyzing Social Trends and the Economic Landscape with Trivelle Simpson

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Trivelle Simpson

About Trivelle Simpson

Trivelle Simpson is the founder and CEO of The Drive Group. A Canadian venture capital and real estate investment firm that works with entrepreneurs and developers to provide the funding needed to turn ideas into reality. Trivelle creates fresh and inventive tactics and techniques to constantly improve on and push the boundaries of the status quo.

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 00:19 “They say — some people or they have a hard time pitching. I say — if you’re having a startup, you’re in a tech business, or even if you have a well-established business; pitching and selling is part of the primary goal. So, you as the founder don’t need to be the sales guy or a woman, but you better have the sales guy or woman on speed dial. Because it’s always going to come down to that at the end of the day.” — Trivelle Simpson

00:20 – 00:40 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast

00:41 – 02:15 Trivelle’s Bio

02:16 – 07:00 Marketing Essentials Moment: Future Casting

07:01 – 11:18 Welcome to the show, Trivelle!

11:19 – 15:36 Surviving tough times by building resilience

15:37 – 18:02 Consumers’ cautious optimism

18:03 – 25:38 Having the political conversation

25:39 – 26:29 Kitcaster is your secret weapon in podcasting for business. Your audience is waiting to hear from you!

26:30 – 29:38 Creating a digital presence for the business

29:39 – 32:38 Allow the consumer to be part of the journey

32:39 – 36:01 Watching your competition as a resource

36:02 – 38:47 Creating a Community of Assistance

38:48 – 40:40 Pitching is one of the key objectives

40:41 – 42:04 Trivelle’s advise

42:05 – 42:56 Visit: The Drive Group

42:57 – 43:22 Trivelle, thank you so much! Share this podcast, give us a review, and enjoy your marketing journey!

43:23 – 44:09 Join today


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