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Looking at the Future of Digital Marketing with Ashley Cline

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Ashley Cline

About Ashley Cline

Ashley Cline is the Vice President | Co-Founder at Ice Cream Social. She has diverse work experience spanning various industries and roles. Ashley joined TicketSocket in 2017 as the Executive Vice President of Client Strategy.

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 00:22 “Every single one of your customers is an influencer. Even if they don’t have a big following on social media; they have friends, they have family; they are talking to people. Just because they don’t have a large following doesn’t mean they don’t have friends that want to go to an event with them. So, we consider every customer an influencer.” — Ashley Cline

00:23 – 00:40 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast

00:41 – 01:47 Ashley’s Bio

01:48 – 07:41 Marketing Essentials Moment (Digital Advertising)

07:42 – 10:01 Welcome to the show, Ashley!

10:02 – 12:46 Low cost of customer acquisition

12:47 – 16:00 How Ice Cream Social was developed; A powerful social invite tool to turn every single purchaser into additional customers and brand advocates.

16:01 – 18:42 Ashley’s frustration with medical marketing

18:43 – 23:51 Continuing education and network growth

23:52 – 27:36 Partnering with agencies

27:37 – 28:28 Kitcaster is your secret weapon in podcasting for business. Your audience is waiting to hear from you! Go to to apply for a special offer for friends of this podcast.

28:29 – 34:23 The Future of Ice Cream Social

34:24 – 36:00 Gamification and tracking success

36:01 – 37:57 Tracking cookies and revenue attribution

37:58 – 41:45 The dashboard and reporting

41:46 – 44:00 Micro-influencer marketing

44:01 – 45:59 Learn more about Ice Cream Social

46:00 – 46:50 Thank you so much, Ashley! Enjoy your marketing journey!

46:51 – 47:35 Join today



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