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Closing the Gap Between Marketing and Sales with Deanna Shimota

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Deanna Shimota

About Deanna Shimota

Deanna Shimota is the CEO of GrowthMode Marketing. She has made it her mission to know everything about B2B marketing and demand generation. She’s on top of every tech trend and social media modulation. While she skates on the cutting edge of marketing innovation, Deanna stays grounded on a foundation of solid marketing principles. She’s used her skills and expertise to catapult multiple technology companies into high-growth mode. Now, she leads GrowthMode Marketing with the goal of helping other organizations travel down this same path of success.

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 00:26 “Really think about how do you build out that digital footprint to be your best sales rep.“ — Deanna Shimota

00:27 – 00:44 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast

00:45 – 01:35 Deanna’s Bio

01:36 – 05:35 Marketing Essentials Moment: Social Activation

05:36 – 08:34 Welcome to the show, Deanna!

08:35 – 11:26 Difference between Lead Generation and Demand Generation Programs

11:27 – 14:38 Strategy – Narrowing down your audience

14:39 – 15:31 Content – Creating content for every stage of the funnel

15:32 – 19:07 Distribution – Getting that content out there

19:08 – 23:27 Building out digital footprints at the brand awareness stage

23:28 – 26:46 Getting the right audience for Your Webinars

26:47 – 27:37 Nadine West. Awesome, affordable outfits that are delivered to your doorstep each month. Get $10 credit and free shipping on your first order.

27:38 – 33:23 AI and Chat GPT

33:24 – 37:35 Rhea and Deanna discuss company culture

37:36 – 41:00 Focus on the long-term goal

41:01 – 43:13 Podcast: The Demand Gen Fix @

43:14 – 44:40 Thank you so much, Deanna! Share this podcast!

44:31 – 45:05 Give us a review! Enjoy your marketing journey!

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