AI’s Potential Impact on Business and Marketing with Matthew Turner

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Matthew Turner

About Matthew Turner

Matthew Turner is a British author who wrote his latest book, ‘Beyond The Pale’ on the back of interviewing hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, authors, investors, and thought leaders. As well as writing his own books, Matthew ghostwrites both articles and books for other successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders, in between spending time with his two children.

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 00:24 “As a writer, once you’ve written something, it’s out there. AI is going to be using it as inspiration to learn. And should it give you credit? But then I think about all the books that I’ve read over the years that I’ve influenced my writing, and do I give them credit? if I directly quote them, Sure! But if they’ve just played a part in my growth as a writer, then no. So, it’s a very interesting thing.” — Matthew Turner

00:25 – 00:43 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast

00:44 – 01:22 Matthew’s Bio

01:23 – 16:05 Marketing Essentials Moment: Consumer Market Research

16:06 – 17:10 Matthew, welcome to the show!

17:11 – 20:55 Beyond the Pale: A Fable about Escaping the Hustle and Finding Yourself – Book by Matthew Turner

20:56 – 23:49 Hustle Culture

23:50 – 26:39 From the Marketing Space to Becoming an Author and a Ghostwriter for Prominent Businesspeople and Thought Leaders

26:40 – 28:28 Embracing the Future of Technological Advancement with AI

28:29 – 32:56 Various AI resources you can use

32:57 – 36:15 Facts about AI’s Potential Impact on Business and Marketing

36:16 – 37:02 Cloud Campaign. Onboard more social media clients and charge a higher retainer with a leaner team.

37:03 – 42:32 Finding the Right Questions

42:33 – 46:03 Awareness, Ascension, and Amplify

46:04 – 49:30 Matthew’s Inspiring Words for Future Writers

49:31 – 50:40 Read/Listen to Matthew’s recent book “Beyond the Pale” for free! 

50:41 – 51:02 Thank you so much, Matthew! Share this podcast!

51:03 – 51:38 Give us a review! Enjoy your marketing journey!

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