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Creating Viable Marketing Channels on LinkedIn and Google with Timothy Partasevitch

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Timothy Partasevitch

About Timothy Partasevitch

During his professional career, Timothy Partasevitch has helped many companies apply better sales and marketing processes and achieve their revenue goals and scale. Today, Timothy fully focuses on his new HR-tech product, Juggl, a platform to consolidate recruitment, interviewing, and payroll. The team at Juggl focuses on two dimensions: propelling out staffing services and developing an HRtech solution to ease complex global hiring. The most viable marketing channels he sticks to are LinkedIn and Google.

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 00:20 “One of the things I also see changing is each field is becoming more and more complex. I remember back about six years ago when you could be a pretty good generalist and kind of know a little bit about everything and be really good and be able to run the entire project on your own. Now, I don’t think that’s possible.”

00:21 – 00:40 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast

00:41 – 01:46 Tim’s Bio

01:47 – 14:30 Marketing Essentials Moment: Kept Performance Indicators—KPIs Part 2

14:31 – 15:57 Welcome to the show, Timothy!

15:58 – 19:30 From an engineering perspective to the business marketing sphere

19:31 – 22:13 Client-side vs. Agency-side marketing: Advantages and drawbacks

22:14 – 27:27 A single tool that focuses on consolidating and combining recruiting, interviewing, payroll and document management, and general HR management in a single ecosystem.

27:28 – 32:25 Hiring global remote teams

32:26 – 36:14 Differences in salary levels due to regional factors

36:15 – 37:15 Hello Audio is the best format for creating a connection between you and your audience and allows them to access your zone of genius at the click of a button.

37:16 – 42:42 How is B2B marketing very different as compared to B2C marketing?

42:43 – 43:59 Become a recognized expert in your niche

44:00 – 50:37 The Age of AI and machine learning apps

50:38 – 50:17 Reach out to Tim on LinkedIn

50:18 – 52:30 If you’re interested in software development projects, visit:
52:31 – 53:08 Thank you so much, Tim!

53:09 – 53:47 Give us a review! Enjoy your marketing journey!

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