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B2B Lead Generation and Creating a Measurable ROI with Ryan Caswell

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Ryan Caswell

About Ryan Caswell

B2B Leads Founder, Ryan Caswell started his professional career in mining, working as an engineer & data analyst before moving into business improvement. Whilst the work was interesting, Ryan had always admired business owners and entrepreneurs and felt he had what it took to start his own. From a failed eco-farm and B&B in the remote mountains of South Brazil to an e-commerce company selling rock climbing equipment, Ryan met failure after failure, but not without learning a very valuable lesson along the way… “It doesn’t matter how good you think your product or service is, if you don’t have a process or system to acquire new clients, you don’t have a business.”. After spending untold hours on SEO, Facebook, YouTube, networking, trade shows, and paid advertising, he discovered only one platform that delivered time and time again on the strict lead generation requirements for start-ups and small businesses. LinkedIn! Not long after, B2B Leads was born, a company purely focused on running B2B lead generation processes that generate measurable ROI for its clients.

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 00:13 “People don’t care how the mail is delivered, as long as there’s something valuable inside.”

00:14 – 00:32 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast

00:33 – 01:12 Ryan’s Background

01:13 – 08:15 Marketing Essentials Moment: Kept Performance Indicators (KPIs)

08:16 – 08:50 Welcome to the show, Ryan!

08:51 – 11:47 From working in the mines to becoming a lead generation expert in the digital space

11:48 – 13:55 Getting your value proposition right

13:56 – 18:16 Giving value and credibility to your message

18:17 – 19:31 Creating a partnership campaign

19:32 – 22:16 Process-driven approach for engaging your leads on LinkedIn

22:17 – 26:11 How to drive buying behavior

26:12 – 27:00 Kitcaster specializes in booking podcasts with massive audiences, working with the top 1% of podcasts, respective to monthly downloads.

27:01 – 28:43 How leads can see your credibility and expertise through a case study

28:44 – 31:33 The value of video production in lead generation

31:34 – 36:56 Incorporating AI with human intelligence

36:57 – 39:48 Branding components

39:49 – 42:00 Tactics in B2B lead generation

42:01 – 43:05 Resources that Ryan taps into

43:06 – 45:13 Future and long-term goals

45:14 – 46:08 Leverage LinkedIn in a way that will consistently provide low-cost & quality leads. Visit:

46:09 – 46:24 Thank you so much, Ryan!

46:25 – 47:00 Give us a review! Enjoy your marketing journey!

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