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Using the Stage to Scale Your Business in a Meaningful Way with Amy Dix

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Amy Dix

About Amy Dix

Amy Dix is an International Speaker and two-time No. 1 International Best-Selling Author. She is an innovative speaker and digital marketer, who believes that anyone can create a movement with their unique message from the stage. She is revolutionizing the event and speaking industry. As a positive psychology practitioner, she understands the importance of mixing creativity and information to teach others how they can connect with their audience on a deep level. Amy now brings her expertise to others so they can share their message from the stage!

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 00:17 “A confused mind doesn’t buy so if it seems confusing, or they don’t understand why we would be asking a question, and then they’ll click out of it.”

00:18 – 00:35 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast

00:36 – 01:17 Amy’s Background

01:18 – 11:45 Marketing Essentials Moment: Video Production Cost

11:46 – 13:57 Amy, Welcome to the show!

13:58 – 16:42 Amy’s career journey from corporate to entrepreneurship

16:43 – 20:48 Tips for event preparation

20:49 – 26:22 Resources that helped Amy to be a multi-time author

26:23 – 27:12 Nadine West. Awesome, affordable outfits that are delivered to your doorstep each month.

27:13 – 29:43 Helping authors/speakers spread their message on stage

29:44 – 35:19 Building authority and positioning as a speaker

35:20 – 37:37 Promoting their business

37:38 – 41:36 Getting to the right people that you want through pre-qualifiers

41:37 – 48:33 Success story

48:34 – 51:15 Network within your inner circle

51:16 – 53:37 Establishing their brand by being an author and a motivational speaker

53:38 – 55:13 Reach out to Amy

55:14 – 56:09 Culture and Brand Camp

56:10 – 56:49 Pleasure to have you on the show, Amy! Enjoy your Marketing journey!

56:50 – 57:36 Join The Marketing Expedition Community today!

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