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Steve Wiidemen

About Steve Wiidemen

Writer, scientist, professor, and practitioner of search optimization, Steve Wiideman lives, breathes, and eats SEO, SEM, and inbound marketing. He is the author of SEO Strategy & Skills, a college textbook through Stukent. When he’s not leading his team of SEO consultants for franchise, multi-location, and e-commerce brands, he’s a cheeseball romantic, entertaining dad, and world traveler with a passion for life; embracing culture and diversity. While serving as an adjunct professor at UCSD and CSUF, Steve’s also building the Academy of Search, while volunteering time to help improve transparency and industry standards as an agency trainer.

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 00:20 “If you want to appear for a certain search term, search for that word and see who comes up. You don’t have to use a $5,000/month sophisticated tools to explore the results.”

00:21 – 00:39 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast

00:40 – 01:13 Steve’s background

01:14 – 08:07 Marketing Essentials Moment: Contextual Advertising
08:08 – 13:16 Welcome to the show, Steve!

13:17 – 20:30 The fundamental areas of SEO strategy

20:31 – 22:47 Building an SEO strategy

22:48 – 25:25 Link strategy

25:26 – 26:57 Content Strategy

26:58 – 29:18 Tracking your SEO performance

29:19 – 37:21 How to create effective content on your page

37:22 – 38:12 Kitcaster is a podcast booking agency that specializes in developing real human connections through podcast appearances.

38:13 – 43:24 Misconceptions about the frequency of content

43:25 – 50:15 Benefits of mixed media marketing

50:16 – 55:30 Steve drops some insights into optimizing search results

55:31 – 58:20 Practice your SEO strategy by giving back to the community
58:21 – 1:01:28 Upscaling multi-location SEO for Google maps

1:01:29 – 1:02:06 Reach out to Steve at: @seosteve

1:02:07 – 1:02:27 Give us a review and enjoy your Marketing journey!

1:02:28 – 1:03:15 Join The Marketing Expedition Community today!

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