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Arielle Nissenblatt

About Arielle Nissenblatt

Arielle Nissenblatt is the founder of EarBuds Podcast Collective, a weekly podcast newsletter, and podcast. She is the Community Manager at SquadCast.FM, a remote recording platform. She is a graduate of the Salt Institute of Audio Documentary Studies. Nissenblatt is a podcast marketing expert, having spoken on panels at conferences such as Podcast Movement, International Documentary Association’s Podcast Day, at USC, Montana Media Lab, American University, and more. She is one of the founders of Podcast Taxonomy, an international effort to categorize roles and credits in the podcast industry. Nissenblatt listens to over 40 hours of audio content per week. She is a podcast industry futurist and believes in the power of audio to break down cultural barriers.

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 01:18 Arielle’s Bio

01:19 – 11:36 Marketing Essentials Moment: New Marketing Trends

11:37 – 12:18 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast

12:19 – 14:26 Welcome to the show, Arielle!

14:27 – 19:06 Growing and reaching a wider audience

19:07 – 23:36 Combined tactics in email marketing

23:37 – 26:13 Arielle’s journey as a speaker

26:14 – 27:03 Kitcaster specializes in booking podcasts with massive audiences! Join today!

27:04 – 29:53 What inspired Arielle into the podcast space

29:54 – 32:25 “I like to stay entertained both as a listener and as a creator and as somebody who helps creators.” -Arielle Nissenblatt

32:26 – 34:18 Getting your audience involved

34:19 – 36:23 Importance of newsletters

36:24 – 39:00 Arielle’s future goals

39:01 – 40:23 Buiding a community for your audience

40:24 – 40:47 How to subscribe: https://www.earbudspodcastcollective.org

40:48 – 41:25 Thank you so much, Arielle! Enjoy your Marketing journey!

41:26 – 42:12 Join The Marketing Expedition Community today!

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