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How Pinterest Can Help Grow Your Business with Craig Lewis

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Craig Lewis

About Craig Lewis

Craig Lewis is a Pinterest Marketing Specialist and Founder of Pin&Grow, an agency that helps eCommerce owners scale their business through two main advertising strategies: paid and organic. In 2019 he attended a mastermind in Thailand which helped him enhance his professional life by creating this successful content and marketing agency dedicated to eCommerce brands. In 2021, his company became one of the very few Pinterest’s Approved Partners in the world, allowing him to offer unique, customized services to eComm owners using Pinterest. Craig and his team of specialists are ready to show eComm businesses new ways to achieve their full potential, helping them increase sales and build authority with this often overlooked, and underutilized growth platform.

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 00:50 Craig’s Bio

00:51 – 05:04 Marketing Essentials Moment: Readers are Leaders

05:05 – 05:29 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast

05:30 – 05:54 Welcome to the show, Craig!

05:55 – 10:29 Craig’s fascinating journey around the globe

10:30 – 13:59 Working from home

14:00 – 20:58 Pinterest, a Social media platform or Search engine?

20:59 – 22:45 Sharing Tips and Tricks on Pinterest

22:46 – 23:29 Abriva, Life and Medical Insurance Offer

23:30 – 30:28 More tips in creating and optimizing pins/contents

30:29 – 33:46 Idea pins

33:47 – 39:10 Insights on how Pinterest can help in growing your business

39:11 – 40:52 Success story

40:53 – 44:17 Advertising campaigns on Pinterest

44:18 – 45:54 Reach out to Craig

45:55 – 46:40 Thank you so much, Craig! Enjoy your marketing journey!

46:41 – 47:26 Join The Marketing Expedition Community today!

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