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Face to Face Marketing in a Digital World with Nick Aldinger

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Nick Aldinger

About Nick Aldinger

Nick Aldinger is the CEO of IBL Events, one of Idaho’s largest producers of tradeshows, conferences, and virtual events. Nick’s passion for helping individuals and companies grow is what fuels his passion. Over the past 20 years, Nick has had the privilege of being involved in multiple startups, working for the government, being an adjunct professor for Boise State University, and working for a Fortune 500 company Micron Technology. Nick is a results-oriented, decisive leader with proven success in new market identification, tactical & strategic planning, and leading diverse cross-functional teams. Nick was born and raised in Idaho and considers Idaho one of the greatest places to live. He even convinced his wife, who is from Alabama, that the Northwest will always be home. Nick received his undergraduate degree in Business Information Systems from the University of Montana and his MBA from Northwest Nazarene University. In his spare time, Nick enjoys spending his time with his wife and two sons while occasionally getting in a round of golf.

Topics discussed in this episode with time stamps

00:00 – 01:11 Nick’s Bio

01:12 – 02:24

02:25- 08:53 Marketing Essentials Moment: Why Do You Need a Graphic Designer?

08:54 – 09:15 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast

09:16 -10:27 Welcome to the show, Nick!

10:28 – 16:43 Effects of the pandemic in the digital world

16:43 – 18:12 Starting trade shows in the new normal

18:13 – 20:14 “We have to change the way we’re providing.” –Nick Aldinger

20:15- 22:53 Nick’s variety of marketing events

22:54- 24:43 Being effective in both face to face and digital marketing

24:44 – 27:15 Success story

27:16 – 32:18 Engaging tactics in marketing

32:19 – 33:50 How to reach Nick

33:51 – 35:49 Rhea’s Five-R’s

35:50 – 37:08

37:09 – 38:47 Resources in keeping up with the trends

38:48 – 39:40 Nick’s favorite book

39:41- 40:58 Thank you so much, Nick! Enjoy the journey!

40:59 – 41:44 Join today!

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