New Marketing Trends for the Next Year

2020 Workshop

With constant updates, new techniques, and algorithms changing daily, it’s hard for business owners, CEO’s and marketing managers just to keep up! So how do you know you’re staying on top of all the emerging trends that are impacting your brand, and bottom line? How are you going to get ahead of the game and be prepared to capitalize on the next big thing?

Find out through the series of speaker videos from the New Marketing Trends for the Next Year 2020 workshop featured below.

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New Marketing Trends for the Next Year – Rhea Allen

New Marketing Trends for the Next Year – Rhea Allen

Rhea Allen New Marketing Trends and Wins for 2021 and Beyond! With all the challenges and upheaval this year, it's hard to know which direction to pivot. Rhea Allen, President, and CEO of the award-winning Peppershock Media, Boise State Professor, national moderator,...

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New Marketing Trends for the New Year 2020

New Marketing Trends for the New Year 2020

Did you miss Culture and Brand Camp 2020? If you did, catch up on all the trends, technology and tips that you need to know to give your brand and bottom line the boost it needs for 2020 and beyond! You’ll learn about influencer marketing, Tik Tok, Social Media...

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Meet the Speakers


Rhea Allen
President/CEO of Peppershock Media

Speaking Topic:
New Marketing Trends and Wins for 2021 and Beyond!

About Rhea:
With all the challenges and upheaval this year, it’s hard to know which direction to pivot. Rhea Allen, President, and CEO of the award-winning Peppershock Media, Boise State Professor, national moderator, keynote speaker, trainer, and host of Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast, will break it down, mix it up, and take you from a total “I don’t know what to do,” to “this is what we’re going to do next!”

Anne Hamby, COBE, faculty/staff, outdoor portrait by Patrick Sweeney

Anne Hamby, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Marketing at Boise State University

Speaking Topic:
Persuasive Storytelling

About Anne:
Dr. Hamby joined the Department of Marketing at Boise State University in the fall of 2019. Before coming to Boise State, she taught at Hofstra University, located in the NYC metro area. Her research focus is in the area of consumer psychology. Specifically, she studies how emotional and structural aspects of stories engage their audiences, and how engagement in stories influence beliefs and behavior in a marketing context. She is also interested in issues related to consumer well-being and examines the psychological, social, and cultural factors that influence risky consumption practices and prosocial behavior.


Terry Hansen

Founder of Hansen Group Company

Speaking Topic:
How to Leverage Your Media Platform to Fill Up Your Sales Pipeline and Increase Your Sales Even if You’re an Introvert or Aren’t Tech Savvy

About Terry:
Terry is the President of Hansen Group Company, a sales performance improvement firm, and the creator of Hansen University, an online training platform that has been called the “Netflix” of sales and management training. For over a decade, Terry Hansen has helped startups, non-profits and seasoned businesses in many industries find more prospects, close more sales, and retain customers longer. Terry conducts about 300 lectures, trainings, and speeches each year and has recognized with several awards for his outstanding achievements. He has authored several articles for industry magazines and produced over 80 hours of online training courses for sales professionals and sales managers. Terry and his wife have five children and they live in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Susan Kuehl

RoLynne Hendrick

CEO of Givent Executive Network

Speaking Topic:
Build Your Business One Connection at a Time

About RoLynne:
CEO of GIVENT Executive Network, will share top trends on how to grow your business through relationships. Learn how GIVENT business executives focus on building relationships founded on trust that result in meaningful growth. You won’t want to miss out on this session of intentional, focused networking!


Lynette Hoy

Founder and President of Firetalker PR

Speaking Topic:
PR in the New Post COVID-Era

About Lynette:
Lynette Hoy is the founder and CEO of Firetalker PR, a full-service boutique public relations firm serving the Northwest and internationally going into her ninth year. She has created publicity campaigns that have earned hundreds of thousands of media placements over her near 27 years in the public relations and marketing industry, inclusive of her work with Firetalker PR. Her clients have been featured in Fortune Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, CNN, FOX News, ABC, NBC and CBS network affiliate programing including the Today Show and more. Learn more about Lynette and Firetalker PR at

David Lakhani

Tom Kealey

Director of Idaho Commerce

Speaking Topic:
Idaho Markets/Economy

About Tom:
Tom Kealey is the Director of Idaho Commerce, leading economic development efforts for the Gem State and fostering ways of assisting communities, citizens, businesses and visitors. Director Kealey received his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and B.A. from the University of Washington. He has held numerous senior business roles in Fortune 500 companies and is a long-time Idaho business owner and investor. Director Kealey was appointed by Governor Brad Little in January 2019.


Kim Sherman-Labrum

Associate Business Consultant at Idaho SBDC

Speaking Topic:
When You Don’t Know What to Expect Next

About Kim:
Kim works closely with small businesses assessing their online presence and working with them to improve and grow that into hard ROI. She also teaches a variety of classes, administers the training program and speaks at events. She has a passion for small business, online marketing, social media and technology.

In the evenings, she spends her time doing creating art in a variety of mediums: paint, theater, book, fabric, etc.


Shelly Yorgesen

Co-Founder of Executive Networking Events

Speaking Topic:
How to Diversify Your Client Base by Reaching a Global Market

About Shelly:
Shelly Yorgesen is a power-connector and believes your future success is probably hiding in the next person you meet. Her first business was actually selling dirty Idaho potatoes out of the back of her minivan, on the streets of Idaho USA! Yes! Selling ice to Eskimos!…and now 10 years later, after finding her real super-power in helping high-level leaders connect, she actually rented a Castle in Northern Ireland and filled it with Executives from 8 countries for an International Executive Networking Symposium. Having led high-end executive networking events for nearly a decade, she took her expertise of connecting high-level executives & business owners into the online space. She has created a global executive networking membership for executives & business owners called The Executive Networking Events Inner Circle. The Inner Circle meets monthly online & grants you access to diverse perspectives from a wide range of industry leaders from many countries across the globe. The mission of the ENE Inner Circle.