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Clubhouse, a new app! What do you think?

Rhea Allen
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Clubhouse is storming the world and taking over the wifi waves right now. It's the talk only app in rooms that are a part of various different clubs of all kinds!   I plan to host or moderate a room on a regular basis!  It's an invite-only app and so far only available on the apple app platform and not yet on android. 

I'm on Clubhouse as @rheaallen 


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Drew Allen
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I dig it so far.  Literally just got out of a Clubhouse room with a Dude that I invited.  He hadn't heard of it yet, but so far likes it and can see the benefits of connecting with a new audience.  It's much more personal of an app.  You're having real, live conversations with like minded people on topics you both enjoy.  Virtual networking in the days of global expansion.