Empathy Mapping

This segment is intended to help you identify and start thinking like your ideal customer.  Where are they physically located, what age, gender, interests do they have?  Where do they get their information?  Are they listening to traditional radio, watching broadcast TV or are they getting all their news from an app on their phones, listening to a paid subscription on Spotify, streaming all their video content from Hulu, YouTube, Netflix?  Do they have children, what’s their income, do they drive van pool to soccer practice?

In the words of the great Bill Murray (Carl) from Caddyshack, 

“My foe, my enemy is an animal and in order to conquer him, I have to think like an animal and whenever possible, to look like one.  I gotta get inside this guy’s pelt and crawl around for a few days.”

Prepare to get into your customer’s heads.

There are two documents for this module. 

Download the workbook

Download the Empathy Map template