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Facebook 201

As promised, here is Part II of our two-part Facebook for Business series, Facebook 201! If you missed Facebook for Business 102, here’s the link:...

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Facebook 101

During your lunch break, when bored at home, or just killing time in between appointments, you are like 2.2 billion daily users who might be...

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Stop Wasting Money

How do you stop wasting money on marketing?  Whether you are a small business owner, a CEO or a marketing director, you don’t want to waste money on...

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What does a Graphic Designer do?

We are surrounded by graphic design. From the pen in your hand, the logo on your coffee cup, to the packaging on your breakfast cereal, graphic design is everywhere. When you consider the fact that almost every single thing that you can see was at some point created by a graphic designer, the importance of this role becomes clear!

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Podcasting 101

We know you’ve always wanted to, and that you’ve already seen the benefits that podcasting could bring to your personal brand or business, but just...

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The Marketing Expedition Podcast with Rhea & Drew Allen

Peppershock Media owners Rhea and Drew Allen are bringing their marketing expertise to the microphone. Listen in as they interview special guests, discuss trending marketing topics and most importantly, teach you how to build your brand and your bottom line.

Most Recent Podcast Episodes

Episode 99 | Master Your Networking in a Day with Christopher Kai and Shelly Yorgesen

Christopher Kai is the founder & CEO of The Mathem Group, a Beverly Hills-based consultant firm that trains entrepreneurs and executives on how to become global speakers, branding and networking experts, and online consultants.
Shelly Yorgesen, Founder of The Veranda Network. An online group of businesswomen who support each other and help each other grow in business and life.

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Episode 98 | Why Podcasts are Crucial to Any Marketing Campaign with Brandy Whalen

Brandy Whalen is an ambitious leader excited by new challenges and opportunities. She ran a sales team of 5 right after graduating from the University of Iowa (she was the first in her family to attend college). Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to found several companies, including her own PR agency, Whalen Media. She is also the mother of three boys and prides herself on raising emotionally intelligent young people. Brandy is a firm believer in having a strong personal narrative. That’s what inspired her to create Kitcaster, a unique agency with a singular focus – podcasts. Podcasts have become so much more than just an entertainment medium. To Brandy, they’re a critical component of any PR campaign. Startup founders, entrepreneurs, C-suite executives. These are the movers and shakers whose stories Kitcaster helps share. Storytelling is a powerful marketing tool, and Kitcaster seeks to leverage that among its diverse clientele.

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Reduced Marketing Audit Price


Instagram 201

You recognize the opportunity to build a thriving brand on Instagram, now let Peppershock help get you there. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, creator, designer, or entrepreneur selling physical products, digital products, or even your brand, then Instagram is the...

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Stop Wasting Money

You might find yourself wondering, why am I wasting so much money on marketing, and what can I do to stop it? Today our host Rhea Allen is going to lay out how you can maximize, measure, and streamline your marketing program, by showing you 5 steps to effectively develop and get a return on your marketing investment (ROMI)!

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New Marketing Trends for the Next Year – Rhea Allen

New Marketing Trends for the Next Year – Rhea Allen

With all the challenges and upheaval this year, it’s hard to know which direction to pivot. Rhea Allen, President, and CEO of the award-winning Peppershock Media, Boise State Professor, national moderator, keynote speaker, trainer, and host of Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast, will break it down, mix it up, and take you from a total “I don’t know what to do,” to “this is what we’re going to do next!”

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The Truth About Engagement | Lori Martin and Susan Kuehl

Employee Engagement is defined as an emotional state where people feel passionate, energetic, and committed to their work. When people are engaged, they invest more of themselves in their work. But where is it too much or not enough? Many employees are choosing to...

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Remote Leadership | Melissa DeLuca

How many of us have had to work from home, lately? And, how many of us struggle with 'what do I do now?" You may have asked yourself, "How can I lead, remotely?" Through Melissa's engaging talk, she'll share some insightful learnings from her time as a high-tech...

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Learning About Direct Mail

Curious about direct mail? Wondering if it's still a viable marketing tactic, or going the way of the dinosaurs? We met with Cahill Jones of Biz Print to learn everything that there is to know about direct mail, and the tips, tricks and strategies that can make it...

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