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The Importance of Using Photos of People in Your Social Media

The Importance of Using Photos of People in Your Social Media Let’s face it: not everyone likes to have their picture taken, and not everyone is comfortable having their picture posted online.  In fact, you may feel hesitant to post pictures of yourself and others,...

Optimizing Content For AI Devices

How to Optimize Your Content for IoT, AI, and Voice Search How do you ensure that your content is optimized for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Voice Search enabled IoT (Internet of Things) devices? Over half of all queries are voice search these days, so if you want...

How to Promote a Book with Carrie Severson & Rhea Allen

How to Promote a Book with Carrie Severson & Rhea Allen You should write a book. Has anyone ever told you that before?Or have you ever thought to yourself that you’d like to write a book, or have you had a great idea for a book, but just don’t know how to go about...

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Event Marketing Essentials

Event Marketing Essentials

A quick guide to help you market and promote your next event. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the event scene, or you are planning one for the...

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Facebook 201

Facebook 201As promised, here is Part II of our two-part Facebook for Business series, Facebook 201! If you missed Facebook for Business 102, here’s...

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Facebook 101

During your lunch break, when bored at home, or just killing time in between appointments, you are like 2.2 billion daily users who might be...

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Stop Wasting Money

How do you stop wasting money on marketing?  Whether you are a small business owner, a CEO or a marketing director, you don’t want to waste money on...

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What does a Graphic Designer do?

We are surrounded by graphic design. From the pen in your hand, the logo on your coffee cup, to the packaging on your breakfast cereal, graphic design is everywhere. When you consider the fact that almost every single thing that you can see was at some point created by a graphic designer, the importance of this role becomes clear!

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Podcasting 101

We know you’ve always wanted to, and that you’ve already seen the benefits that podcasting could bring to your personal brand or business, but just...

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