Episode 187 | How Intuitive Branding Can Grow Your Business with Sunil Godse

Jun 29, 2023


About Sunil:

Sunil Godse helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses to 8-figures a year by implementing his Intuitive Branding process to create a trusted brand with their employees and customers who are directly responsible for their growth. And with hundreds of entrepreneurs who have successfully scaled their businesses by implementing the Intuitive Branding process, the advice simply works. 

Podcast Notes:

00:00 – 00:19 “So, if you look at the core values that you have as a business, those core values have to be believed by the employees and then they’re going to join that team. They have to trust you. And that trust is based on intuition.“ — Sunil Godse
00:20 – 00:37 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast
00:38 – 01:18 Sunil’s Background
01:19 – 17:46 Marketing Essentials Moment: Marketing Request Proposal
17:47 – 18:49 Welcome to the show, Sunil!
18:50 – 23:09 Importance of strengthening your Business Intuition
23:10 – 25:51 Having a two-way, trustworthy relationship with your employees
25:52 – 27:20 Common Misconceptions about Intuition
27:21 – 31:54 A success story of how rebranding successfully restored customers’ trust
31:55 – 37:53 Using the four types of Intuition in hiring new employees
37:54 – 38:54 Hello Audio is the best format for creating a connection between you and your audience and allows them to access your zone of genius at the click of a button.
38:55 – 45:30 Story of success using the four types of intuition
45:31 – 48:11 Listening to the trigger signals through an Intuitive medium
48:12 – 53:36 Identifying negative signals
53:37 – 56:07 Resources to draw inspiration from
56:08 – 56:46 Explore the nature of Intuition, Check out Sunil’s Book: GUT! Visit – sunilgodse.com
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