Episode 182 | AI’s Potential Impact on Business and Marketing with Matthew Turner

May 25, 2023

About Matthew:

Matthew Turner is a British author who wrote his latest book, ‘Beyond The Pale’ on the back of interviewing hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, authors, investors, and thought-leaders. As well as writing his own books, Matthew ghostwrites both articles and books for other successful entrepreneurs and thought-leaders, in-between spending time with his two children.

Podcast Notes:

00:00 – 00:24 “As a writer, once you’ve written something, it’s out there. AI is going to be using it as inspiration to learn. And should it give you credit? But then I think about all the books that I’ve read over the years that I’ve influenced my writing, and do I give them credit? if I directly quote them, Sure! But if they’ve just played a part in my growth as a writer, then no. So, it’s a very interesting thing.” — Mathew Turner
00:25 – 00:43 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast
00:44 – 01:22 Mathew’s Bio
01:23 – 16:05 Marketing Essentials Moment: Consumer Market Research
16:06 – 17:10 Mathew, Welcome to the show!
17:11 – 20:55 Beyond the Pale: A Fable about Escaping the Hustle and Finding Yourself – Book by Matthew Turner
20:56 – 23:49 Hustle Culture
23:50 – 26:39 From the Marketing Space to Becoming an Author and a Ghostwriter for prominent businesspeople and thought-leaders
26:40 – 28:28 Embracing the Future of Technological Advancement with AI
28:29 – 32:56 Various AI resources you can use
32:57 – 36:15 Facts about AI’s Potential Impact on Business and Marketing
36:16 – 37:02 Cloud Campaign. Onboard more social media clients and charge a higher retainer with a leaner team.
37:03 – 42:32 Finding the Right Questions
42:33 – 46:03 Awareness, Ascension, and Amplify
46:04 – 49:30 Matthew’s Inspiring Words for Future Writers
49:31 – 50:40 Read/Listen to Matthew’s recent book “Beyond the Pale” for free! 
50:41 – 51:02 Thank you so much, Mathew! Share this podcast!
51:03 – 51:38 Give us a Review! Enjoy your marketing journey!
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