Episode 172 | Mentorship and Embracing a Lifetime Learning Mindset with Kendall Shew

Mar 16, 2023

About Kendall:

Kendall Shew has been a marketing professional for nearly two decades in Idaho and California. Currently, he is a Search Engine Marketing Manager with Boise-based performance digital marketing agency, VELOX Media. Kendall loves helping clients navigate the consumer path to purchase and come up with creative ideas to generate success. Kendall served as President of the Boise Advertising Federation and currently sits on the board for the Idaho Advertising Federation and serves as College Programs Liasion for the Northwest region (District XI) of the American Advertising Federation.

Podcast Notes:

00:00 – 00:17 “It’s very important to take whoever is very receptive to your marketing already, amplify that, and scale that.”
00:18 – 00:40 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast
00:41 – 02:31 Kendall’s Background
02:32 – 06:40 Marketing Essentials Moment: Collaboration over Competition
06:41 – 11:13 Welcome to the show, Kendall!
11:14 – 16:17 Boise Ad Federation and American Advertising Federation
16:18 – 19:56 National Student Advertising Competition
19:57 – 23:50 Kendall sharing his experiences on a marketing competition
23:51 – 27:21 Giving students the opportunity to apply their knowledge to the real world
27:22 – 31:35 Internship and Mentorship
31:36 – 32:22 Cloud Campaign. Onboard more social media clients and charge a higher retainer with a leaner team.
32:23 – 34:48 Having a lifetime learning mindset
34:49 – 36:56 Resources to help you learn and expand your skill set
36:57 – 44:47 Work-Life Balance
44:48 – 48:46 Learn more about Velox Media.
48:47 – 50:47 Exciting new trends that are coming down in digital media
50:48 – 52:58 Building your consumer profile
52:59 – 54:33 How are you being a positive contributor to your organization?
54:34 – 55:36 Give us a review and share this podcast with others! Enjoy the marketing journey!
55:37 – 56:23 Join The Marketing Expedition Podcast today!

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