Episode 158 | A Blueprint for Building a 7-Figure Business with Chelsey Roney

Dec 8, 2022

About Chelsey:

Chelsey Roney brings her business-building and strategy experience to Proxi, where she serves as COO and leads a team of 5, growing the business through sales and marketing. After graduating from Texas A&M, Chelsey joined Boeing where she worked in financial planning and analysis, and Microsoft where she worked in a demand center that focused on B2B omnichannel marketing. She grew and sold two businesses: a SaaS business in the University space, and a local services business. Chelsey is also an active member of her community, a dedicated parent, and a passionate supporter of women and business. 

Podcast Notes:

00:00 – 00:11 “Basically the ideas that you want to pitch this really big vision of how you want the world to change because of your business idea, and why it will change the way that people exist.” — Chelsey Roney
00:12 – 00:29 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast
00:30 – 01:14 Chelsey’s Bio
01:15 – 20:24 Marketing Essentials Moment: Email Deliverability
20:25 – 25:12 Welcome to the show, Chelsey!
25:13 – 30:28 An interactive map to share recommendations, curate local guides or visualize data for personal and business needs.
30:29 – 34:44 How Proxi was started
34:45 – 35:33 Kitcaster specializes in booking podcasts with massive audiences, working with the top 1% of podcasts, respective to monthly downloads.
35:34 – 38:30 Going through a tech accelerator program
38:31 – 44:34 Earning venture funding
44:35 – 46:23 Chelsey’s future marketing plan
46:24 – 49:36 Reviews that inspire Chelsey to keep experimenting and push forward
49:37 – 50:47 Visit Proxi
50:48 – 51:51 Thank you so much! Enjoy your Marketing journey!
51:52 – 52:38 Join The Marketing Expedition Community today!

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