Episode 156 | Revealing Email Deliverability Secrets with Troy Ericson

Nov 24, 2022


About Troy:

Troy Ericson is the owner of Copywriting.orgEmailDeliverability.com, & EmailListManagement.com. His company is called Email Paramedic, the leading Email List Management Agency that has generated over $50,000,000 for their clients since 2019 by improving email copy & deliverability. Troy has worked with Traffic & Funnels, The Sales Mentor, Rich Schefren, REPP Sports, V-Shred, Joel Erway, Zipify, SmartMarketer, Perry Belcher, 10X Advisor Network, David Meltzer, Sam Ovens, Jason Capital, Joel Marion, Alex Cattoni, and hundreds more. He was also ranked as the #20 Copywriter in the world by Peter Tzemis from Traffic & Funnels. Troy is also a musician, former college baseball player, and lives in Tampa, Florida. 

Podcast Notes:

00:00 – 00:15 “Just go and push that button!”
00:16 – 00:35 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast
00:36 – 01:39 Troy’s Bio
01:40 – 09:27 Marketing Essentials Moment: Driving traffic to your landing pages
09:28 – 10:13 Welcome to the show Troy!
10:14 – 15:02 From a failed baseball career to a multiple six figures business 15:03 – 19:25 How to make sure your email is going to end up on your client’s main box
19:26 – 22:01 Building a reading relationship with people
22:02 – 26:03 Success story
26:04 – 28:35 Getting verified on email
28:36 – 30:46 Tips on how to avoid authentication issues
30:47 – 31:17 Schedule Once. Add booking pages to your website in minutes. Let prospects and clients schedule meetings in seconds.
31:18 – 36:43 Getting involved in the community builds a network
36:44 – 39:36 Tools to help on your active campaign
39:37 – 41:11 Troy drops some valuable bits of advice
41:12 – 43:00 How to reach out to Troy
43:01 – 44:10 Give us a review! Enjoy your Marketing journey!
44:11 – 44:56 Join The Marketing Expedition Community today!

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