Episode 155 | Marketing Through AI-Based Media Buying with Jem Bourouh

Nov 17, 2022


About Jem:

Jem Bourouh is a 24-year-old full-time entrepreneur. He was born and raised in Germany and has spent the past four years launching and selling 7-8 figure eCommerce brands, and he has sold more than $20,000,000 with his eCommerce business as well as owns a marketing agency that invests in smaller DTC brands and acts as a VC named Adcubator and an education company called eCom Incubator.

Podcast Notes:

00:00 – 00:14 “I wouldn’t say Facebook is dying out, I would say people are shifting budget to different platforms.” —Jem Bourouh
00:15 – 00:33 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast
00:34 – 01:26 Jem’s Background
01:27 – 06:24 Marketing Essentials Moment: Email Marketing
06:25 – 12:05 Welcome to the show!
12:06 – 15:09 Building profits and monetizing through online strategy
15:10 – 20:13 Realizing your accountability
20:14 – 24:22 Front and back-ends marketing tactics
2423 – 29:09 Useful third-party tracking and email campaign software
29:10 – 30:00 Kitcaster specializes in booking podcasts with massive audiences, working with the top 1% of podcasts, respective to monthly downloads.
30:01 – 31:26 Retention marketing
31:27 – 38:47 Building and scaling an agency
38:48 – 43:52 Trends: What’s hot and what’s not?
43:53 – 51:40 Scaling eCommerce growth by segmented strategies
51:41 – 52:31 Reach out to Jem
52:32 – 53:07 Thank you so much! Enjoy your Marketing journey!
53:08 – 53:54 Join The Marketing Expedition Community today!

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