Episode 152 | Creating a Memorable Brand Voice with Lucy Bedewi

Oct 27, 2022

About Lucy:

Lucy Bedewi – Founder and CEO of My Write Hand Woman, a copywriting business based in Washington, DC. She started her business during the pandemic right after graduating from college and managed to scale her business to 6-figures within the first two years. She specializes in writing copy that converts for fast-growth start-ups and companies. 

Podcast Notes:

00:00 – 00:17 “You can really change the emotion of your brand just by dialing into this brand voice!” — Lucy Bedewi
00:18 – 00:36 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast
00:37 – 01:03 Lucy’s background
01:04 – 07:23 Marketing Essentials Moment: Hiring the Right Person to Fit Your Company Culture
07:24 – 09:24 Welcome to the show, Lucy!
09:25 – 10:53 Refrain from being too salesy
10:54 – 13:47 Putting the right emotions to your products/services
13:48 – 18:07 Creating effective sales pages
18:08 – 19:57 Verbal branding
19:58 – 21:31 Email marketing tricks
21:32 – 23:55 Value of authenticity in branding
23:56 – 24:40 Get up to a $20 credit to spend on Billie razors and body care.
24:41 – 31:57 Lucy shared some pivotal moments across her entrepreneurial journey
31:58 – 35:11 Helping women elevate and lift their voices to build as big of a business as they desire.
35:12 – 36:21 How Lucy get her mindset right in the morning
36:22 – 37:16 Organic marketing
37:17 – 38:02 Reach out to Lucy
38:03 – 38:40 Give us a review and enjoy your Marketing journey!
38:41 – 39:27 Join The Marketing Expedition Community today!

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