Episode 150 | How to Scale Your Business with Affiliate PR with Kaila O’Connor

Oct 13, 2022

About Kaila:

After a decade-long PR career filled with panic attacks, burnout, and low worth, Kaila stumbled across something that changed her life immediately: affiliate marketing. Kaila quickly became a self-taught pioneer in this new age of Affiliate PR. With a Rolodex of key editor relationships and intuitive decision-making guided by her Human Design chart, Kaila’s proven ability to generate high-revenue media coverage has disrupted the PR industry and its “always on the grind” mentality. Since Kaila founded KMO Consulting in December 2020, KMO has secured over 1,000 top-tier articles for DTC brands, trained over 30 PR agency owners in Affiliate PR, trained more than 80 Condé Nast editors in Affiliate Marketing, and generated over $500,000 in revenue – all while ensuring she and her team operate in pure energetic alignment. 

Podcast Notes:

00:00 – 00:14 SEO is a big nuance with publishers…
00:15 – 00:32 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast
00:33 – 01:39 Kaila’s Bio
01:40 – 07:00 Marketing Essentials Moment: Components of Marketing
07:01 – 09:58 Welcome to the show, Kaila!
09:59 – 13:05 How affiliate marketing works
13:06 – 14:30 Is it advertising or is it organic?
14:31 – 16:20 Combining PR with affiliate marketing
16:21 – 19:39 The power of brand awareness to conversion
19:40 – 23:56 Determining what type of affiliate strategy for your business
23:57 – 26:30 “Pitching an editor now is similar to pitching an investor, we have to tell the story around the demand and the potential money that can be earned from inclusions.” – Kaila O’Connor
26:31 – 30:05 Tons of shifts in terms of Google ranking and SEO
30:06 – 30:55 For awesome, affordable outfits to your doorstep each month, it’s Nadine West! 
30:56 – 33:48 Human design concept
33:49 – 34:29 Reach out to Kaila O’Connor at
KMO/world. The first professional service business that is infused with and runs parallel to a Human Design business.
34:30 – 37:51 Listening to your body when something feels off and wrong.
37:52 – 38:36 Share this out in the world, Enjoy your Marketing journey!
38:37 – 39:24 Join The Marketing Expedition Community today!

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