Episode 147 | Mentoring Youth One Talent at a Time with Sandie Jae

Sep 22, 2022

About Sandie Jae:

Sandie Jae is a Writer & Chief executive officer at Its All About You Talent Services. She has over 10 years of experience in writing compelling symbolic stories and books. Her role in creating more written content will add value to an audience, including assisting with screenplays and directing productions. In addition to her drive to create and connect, Sandie also heads special projects, and will further help develop and coordinate more events for creators for future collaborations. 

Podcast Notes:

00:00 – 00:35 “Say, Noah… Hey, Noah…”
00:36 – 00:54 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast
00:55 – 02:01 Ms. Sandie Jae’s background
02:02 – 09:20 Marketing Essentials Moment: Marketing Audit Process
09:21 – 11:21 Ms. Sandie Jae welcome to the show!
11:22 – 14:50 Sharing her screenwriting and film production journey
14:51 – 16:07 The challenges she fronts onto in film production
16:08 – 18:40 “Cheaper is not always better.” — Ms. Sandie Jae
18:41 – 20:49 Inspiring books and poetry for the youth
20:50 – 24:26 How Ms. Sandie Jae managed to publish her books on popular platforms
24:27 – 25:16 Awesome, affordable outfits delivered to your doorstep each month from Nadine West!
25:17 – 28:41 Realizing the value of marketing strategy for her business
28:42 – 31:10 To connect and educate people
31:11 – 32:20 Helping others and walking them through the trials and tribulations
32:21 – 34:07 Reach out to Ms. Sandie
34:08 – 36:00 Ms. Sandie Jae talks about her upcoming film production, It’s all about you a High School Musical
36:01 – 37:38 Thank you so much, Ms. Sandie Jae! Enjoy your Marketing journey!
37:39 – 38:25 Join The Marketing Expedition Community today!

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