Episode 136 | Up Your Social Media Game and Fame with Rhea Allen

Jun 16, 2022

About This Episode:

As an early adopter of social media and now an industry-leading social and digital marketing expert, and influencer, Rhea Allen will share the latest in tips and tactics you can use to up your social media game and fame! Review tools and technology to help you keep consistency and efficiency in your posting, scheduling, and engaging with your key audience and influencers. Get content ideas, insights, and inspiration to help you grow your followers!


Podcast Notes:

00:00 – 01:24 Listen to our 2nd Thursday Webinar
01:25 – 01:54 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast
01:55 – 04:21 Introduction to Social Media Marketing
04:22 – 06:28 Importance of utilizing Social media
06:29 – 14:17 Roaming around the Metaverse/Facebook
14:18 – 20:11 Getting traction on Instagram, Visual content is the key
20:12 – 23:43 Maximize your 24-hour stories
23:44 – 28:24 LinkedIn for B2B Marketing
28:25 – 29:46 How to make an impact on Video marketing
29:47 -30:32 Cloud Campaign helps marketing agencies scale. Find out more today! 
30:33 – 37:48 Growing your brand through video marketing on Youtube and other platforms
37:49 – 42:01 Promoting on Tiktok
42:02 – 45:50 Targeting specific audience using Pinterest
45:52 – 47:36 Social media channels algorithm
47:37 – 53:48 Cloud campaign, All-in-one social media tool
53:49 – 55:05 Other resources that can help your business grow
55:06 – 56:25 Social Media Marketing Audit
56:26 – 57:26 The Marketing Expedition Community
57:27 – 57:33 Thank you so much! Enjoy your marketing journey!
57:34 – 58:19 Join The Marketing Expedition today!

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