Episode 133 | Exploring the Essence of Creativity with Maxim Jago

May 26, 2022

About Maxim:

Futurist, Filmmaker, and Author, Maxim Jago is the Founder and Director of The Creativity Conference – a global meeting of minds to explore the essence of creativity in all its forms.


Podcast Notes:

00:00 – 00:16 Maxim’s Bio
00:17 – 14:40 Marketing Essentials Moment (Video Marketing made easy)
14:41 – 15:10 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast
15:11 – 15:28 Welcome to the show!
15:29 – 17:12 “Say things that you mean and mean it when you say them.” -Maxim Jago
17:13 – 18:26 The origin of the Creativity Conference
18:27 – 20:15 Inspiration for creating something that never exists before
20:16 – 25:09 The Time-telephone concept
25:10 – 27:50 A global meeting of minds in one of the most stunning landscapes in the world
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28:23 – 29:50 Free live streaming
29:51 – 33:30 Shared environment experience
33:31 – 34:42 The Creativity Conference, get your tickets
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35:11 – 35:43 Thank you so much, Maxim! Enjoy the journey!
35:44 – 36:29 Join The Marketing Expedition Community today!

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