How to Use Your Existing Email Lists to Supercharge Your Marketing Automation! 

How to Use Your Existing Email Lists to Supercharge Your Marketing Automation Featured Image

You might have heard that email marketing is dead, but it’s alive and well if you have the tools to leverage your already existing email lists! 

Chances are if you’ve been in business for a while, you already have an email list. But even if you already have a tool that you are using to keep in contact with everybody on your list, how do you know it’s working, and how can you make your email marketing strategy work better for you, and automate it?

At Peppershock Media, we use a tool called Benchmark One to help us not only keep in touch with our current and potential customers, but we also use it to track, engage with, and fine-tune our marketing strategy to drive results! 

There is so much junk coming into our inboxes every day! I for one often feel overwhelmed by the amount of requests and updates and pitches I receive on a daily basis. Many of them are off target, or not even compelling enough for me to open in the first place. 

Benchmark One has enabled my team to not only identify who is really interested in what we have to say and offer, but help us fine-tune our messaging, content, and delivery schedule to reach them, and make sure that they are getting the most out of our content. 

Benchmark One tracks things like open rates and creates lead scores based not only on their interest in our emails but our social posts, podcasts, web visits, and more! 

When you have the tools and techniques to take advantage of the pool of potential customers that you already have, you are able to supercharge your email marketing efforts, and realize a greater ROMI, or Return On Marketing Investment

If you need to wake up your email marketing automation and kick it into the stratosphere, schedule a call, and let us show you how Benchmark One and the Peppershock Crew can make it happen for you!

BenchmarkONE is an all-in-one CRM software that saves you time. 


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