Leaders are Readers:

Resources and Ways Busy Leaders can Improve Their Skills!

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Written By Rhea Allen

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“I don’t have time.”

Truth is, you don’t have time not to! 

We are talking about enhancing your skills incrementally, and on a consistent, ongoing basis while still being there for your business, your team, and your other obligations!

I have two growing boys, a community I invest not only my time but my talent into, a business partner who is also my husband (and the dude I like to invite to date night!), a crew I am responsible for, two dogs, and a zillion other things I am trying to juggle. 

What I am trying to say is that I am just like you! I’m busy, you’re busy, we’re all busy! One thing that we don’t have time NOT to do, is improve our marketing and leadership skills. 

How do you fit it all in? We’ve all heard the phrase, “work smarter, not harder…” but that’s easier said than done, right? 

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, so how do we maintain our responsibility for the day to day, and keep ourselves ahead of the game when it comes to new technology, marketing strategies, and leadership acumen?

Leaders are Readers. 

Here are some things that have worked for me, as well as some books that are not only a good read, but evergreen enough to refer to year after year. Nothing saves time like investing in quality, vetted, and applicable knowledge.

Here’s where you can get my list. If you aren’t into reading or tattooed trees don’t fit into your daily life, I’ve got several other great options for you that I use daily to keep on top of trends, technology, and more. 



Whether you are commuting, driving your boys around to their various sports and extracurricular activities, or running to different events, appointments, presentations, and meetings, you’ve got time to kill. 

That time you spend driving, waiting, and getting ready are perfect moments for podcasts! There are literally millions of podcasts, covering every topic imaginable, and they are just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. No matter what you need to learn more about or brush up on, there is a podcast for that, and they can be paused, stopped, and picked up again at your convenience. 

I for one am partial to The Marketing Expedition Podcast but there are so many others to enjoy and learn from, so commit to finding one, and listening today.



Who remembers books on tape? Well, I do. The good news is that now audiobooks are streaming just like everything else! There are millions of titles and just like I mentioned with podcasts, there’s something for every niche and area of interest! 

Inexpensive, on-the-go audiobooks can go wherever your phone or other player goes and can be paused, stopped, and started in between appointments, during your lunch break, on the way to that football game, and every time in between. 

Even if you only listen for 15 minutes as you are getting yourself ready in the morning, the lessons and knowledge you can gain are priceless! 


Have a favorite podcast, book, or audiobook that’s helped you get to the next level with your marketing or leadership skills? Please pay it forward by sharing them with your colleagues, mentees, employees, crew, and others in the business community!

We’ve curated a book list from our own creative library. Nothing but the best for you.

Always reading, always yearning to learn. We want to share our favorites with you.


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Since Peppershock’s inception, in 2003, Rhea Allen has managed and expanded Peppershock and has gained local notoriety in her persistent passion for causes. She is involved with the communities of Idaho and surrounding areas and has a vast working knowledge of how to generate awareness for a number of brands and causes. She is extremely diligent in obtaining effective media campaign results by planning and crafting relevant and compelling messaging for the target audience. Rhea oversees the development of all Peppershock projects, from project conception through distribution and follow-up. Read more about Rhea Allen.

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