What is a Creative Brief? 

….and why do you need one?

When you are about to embark on a trip, unless you’ve got real wanderlust and a pause in any and all responsibilities, you’ve generally got a map or an itinerary. 

The same should be true for your marketing efforts! A creative brief is essentially the marketing roadmap for your business or organization. It’s the documentation, explanation, description; the who, when, what, and where of your marketing strategy!

In your creative brief, you should include what you would like your marketing efforts to accomplish. That means your goals, your KPIs (kept promise indicators, key performance indicators if you will!) your messaging, branding, particulars, requirements, and all the accountability specifications that will lead your team to victory. 


Your creative brief should have your target audience documented and have all the branding particulars that make your brand special and unique at the ready and referenceable by the whole team and others who may come on board in the future as well. The less hunting and poking you have to do to locate the details of your marketing strategy, the better! 

It doesn’t matter if you are an agency, a small marketing team, a marketing team of one, an internal marketing team, or anything in between. Having those guideposts and miles markers plotted out and handy will save you time, frustration, and dollars down the road, and help you to fine-tune and reach your marketing goals faster.

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