Video Marketing Checklist

Video Content Planning 

  • Brainstorm specific goals and expectations
  • Evaluate your competitors’ methods
  • Figure out your target audience
  • Research potential topics
  • Use a content audit to find best performing video topics
  • Plan topics based on current events or trends
  • Create topics for various stages of the consumer journey

Video Production

  • Be sure to record more than 1 take
  • Stay away from windows to avoid back lighting
  • Record in a quiet space to avoid background noise and interruptions
  • Hide microphone wires
  • Avoid glare on eyeglasses, have the subject wear contacts if the option is available
  • Do not make all shots with camera movements, focus shots can be
    valuable for editing
  • Capture establishing shots, wide shots, long shots, MCUs (medium close up), and ECUs (Extreme Close-ups)
  • Shoot during the golden hours for best results (before dusk or after dawn)
  • Use a prompter if appropriate and make sure it’s eye level
  • Shoot at eye level or slightly above eye level of subject
  • Watch for shadows or lighting needs, use a reflector or a fill light if needed
  • Review test shots for good measure

Post Production

  • Don’t make your video overly long: keep it simple
  • Make sure you have good audio and video quality
  • Start the video by emphasizing a problem or question
  • Don’t use hard-selling techniques
  • Emphasize product/service value and provide solutions
  • For harder to understand information, consider using graphics or animation
  • Create topics for various stages of the consumer journey

Video Optimization

  • Create an appropriate title
  • Use a description to tell more about your video
  • Add related tags
  • Add a subtitle
  • Upload a transcript of your video
  • Add a relevant thumbnail photo
  • Make sure your video is accessible for mobile users
  • End your video with an evident call-to-action (CTA)

Video Distribution

  • Post your video across social media channels
  • Make sure your videos include closed captions or subtitles to be audio agnostic
  • Partner with micro-influencers to promote your video
  • Use online video platforms for businesses
  • Incorporate videos into your website and monthly newsletter
Two people watching phonedeo vi

Video Monitoring

  • Measure the ROI by using the right metrics or KPIs
  • Consider purchasing analytics software
  • Evaluate the video’s success each month
  • Reuse high-performing content to create a similar video or series

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