Episode 116 | How to Advertise Your Business on a Top Podcast with Rich Kagan

Jan 27, 2022

About Rich:

Rich Kagan is the Founder and President of Last Minute Media Deals, an agency that connects large and small businesses with huge ad spots on podcasts, radio, and TV. When these spots need to be filled, shows would rather sell them at a tremendous discount than not at all. Through Last Minute Media deals, they sell these placements for up to 80% off.


Podcast Notes:

00:00 – 00:30 Rich’s Bio
00:31 – 01:14 https://www.peppershock.com/product/schedule-once-offer/
01:15 – 03:09 Marketing Essentials Moment: What does it mean to work with a Google Partner who is Google Ad Words Certified?
03:10 – 03:29 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast
03:30 – 05:16 Welcome Rich!
05:17 – 07:27 Direct Response Advertising
07:28 – 13:58 Success stories on Rich’s wide array of different clients
13:59 – 14:42 Monday.com is a project management platform
14:43 – 18:28 Rich talks about their process in creating ads
18:29 – 20:31 CPM – How much it cost to reach a thousand people
20:32 – 24:14 Testing commercial ads
24:15 – 25:39 Conversing with clients about the budget
25:40 – 29:47 Tools and resources that can help you on your journey
29:48 – 32:07 Rich’s vision on the Media world
32:08 – 33:47 Quick-pick!
33:48 – 35:14 If you could step into my shoes for a moment, what would you have asked yourself?
35:15 – 38:18 Rich’s biggest marketing challenge recently
38:19 – 40:41 How to reach Rich
40:42 – 41:11 Thank you so much for joining us today Rich! Enjoy the journey!
41:12 – 41:56 Join https://themarketingexpedition.com today!

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