What is Clubhouse and Why Should You Join? 

With so many different social media platforms, apps, and avenues out there, it can be hard to understand which ones might be a good fit when it comes to promoting your goods or services. 

We understand! Keeping up can be a stressful venture when you go it alone, so let’s talk about Clubhouse, and why it might be a benefit not only for you, but potentially your company or organization too. 

First things first, what is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio-only (so you can stay in your bathrobe for this one!) social media platform designed to enable people to explore a literal world full of different hobbies, interests, and passions.

Clubhouse has a give, give, give, first and then receive in abundance model, much like networking and relationship building in real life! There are experts, enthusiasts, thought leaders, and game-changers in every area, from the niche to the mainstream, and more are being added daily. 

People are always at the center of every movement, and the pandemic created a perfect environment for Clubhouse to grow and evolve into one of the most impactful and enjoyable platforms around, due to its ability to eliminate the salesy, visual emphasis of the other platforms, and focus on connecting and inspiring relationships and learning. 

First only available on Apple products and by invitation only, Clubhouse is now open to everyone (that means you, Android user!) and only continues to grow as a result.

What is Clubhouse, and Why Should You Join?
rhea on clubhouse
rhea on clubhouse 2

How does Clubhouse work? 

While nothing beats joining up and checking it out for yourself, here are a few pointers on how Clubhouse works, and what you can expect! 

To describe the atmosphere, when you join Clubhouse you can digitally bounce around the hallways of Clubhouse, discovering and exploring the different rooms, or hosting your own! 

When you sign up, it’s important to fill out your profile so that others know that you are trustworthy, and there to learn, share and grow with others. One of the cool features of Clubhouse is that as a “noob” you get a party hat icon so others know that you are new, and can offer you guidance (or patience!) as you get your sea legs. 

As you discover all the different rooms and find your favorites, you can either remain in the audience, or raise your hand, or the moderator will call on you to go “on stage.”  But remember it’s a hot mic, so master the mute and unmute button, as we have all learned so well in the last couple of years!

When you find someone you really would like to learn more about or share with, you can take advantage of the Back Channel, and message them directly. You can also link to your IG or Twitter account, and connect with Clubhouse members on those platforms too—amplifying your ability to truly go global! 

After you’ve had a chance to engage in rooms as both an audience member and on stage yourself, you may want to host a room of your own, and begin sharing your knowledge, experience, and expertise too!

After you’ve had a chance to engage in rooms as both an audience member and on stage yourself, you may want to host a room of your own, and begin sharing your knowledge, experience, and expertise too! 

How do I sign up for Clubhouse? 

Signing up is easy, just download the app, on your mobile device, fill out your profile, and start exploring! 

Is Clubhouse a good fit for my business or organization? 

As we mentioned in the beginning, Clubhouse has a give, give, give and then receive kind of vibe, that leads to a more abundant life. The learning, growing, exploring, and sharing that you can do on this app is guaranteed to bring benefits that you may or may not be able to measure, and that’s one of the best things about Clubhouse! 

The business or organization that you represent has the experience, expertise, or a passion for something, or you wouldn’t be doing it, to begin with! 

Clubhouse is a great way to share your knowledge and passion with the world, and as a result, you may find opportunities that organically come up to provide those goods or services to the right people, but Clubhouse isn’t (thankfully) a place to buy and sell, so go give and share, and we will “see” you on Clubhouse! 

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If you want an email reminder with a link to join the weekly Marketing Expedition Club room with Rhea Allen you can sign up here: http://clubhouse.marketingexpedition.club/ 

To join the Marketing Expedition Club on Clubhouse to gain more marketing ideas, insights, information, and inspiration select the link here: https://www.clubhouse.com/club/marketing-expedition

Download the app on the Apple App Store here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/clubhouse/id1503133294

or visit 

https://www.clubhouse.com/ to download on Android.

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